My holistic concept has the goal to find the strengths and weaknesses in your body in order to eliminate potential physical deficits and by this to increase your physical capacity – always with regard to your training goal!

In a non-binding conversation in which I explain my concept in detail and find out your personal training goals I will show you a way how to reach these goals as efficient as possible.

In the beginning of your training is a personal diagnostic checking your individual strength-, endurance-, and mobility parameters in order to find the weak and strong spots in your body. A specific individual diagnostic is necessary to set the framework for your workout plan. A nutrition analysis and consultation is part of the program as well.

Based upon the findings of the diagnostic and your personal training goal the training process (frequency, intensity, choices of excercies) as well as the priorities will be set.

At frequent intervals your training progress will be checked and the workout will be adjusted as necessary to guarantee the adequate intensity and exercises of your training.

1.            Non-binding information conversation and trial session

2.            Diagnostic (Check-Up)

3.            Training workout

4.            Re-diagnostic (Re-Check)


The following training contents are always chosen with the regard to your personal training goal: