Norbert Bisky, Artist

I have been training with Björn since almost 3 years. Before I did not have enough time and motivation to train on my own. With Björn I have found somebody with whom an extreme effectively training is guaranteed. The regularly training has tremendously  improved my physical condition. Lower back pain and neck tightness I used to have in times of stress have disappeared. Björn is a really competent trainer with whom it is fun to go to the limits of one’s capacity. He takes his time for me and dwells on my personal needs.

Niklas Kortländer, Musician

As a professional musician (drummer) my body is put under unilateral stress due to prolonged sitting especially during practice. Of course on stage I want to be able to perform at my best.
In order that I can rely on body in the future I made the decision to do Personal Training with Björn Sangmeister. His very competent and friendly manner has convinced me from the beginning. Moreover the training is a lot of fun!

Rüdiger Gläßel, Project manager

As a project manager due to business I am lot on the move accompanied with a latent lack of movement, long reviews and many business dinners. As I do not like gyms in the long run I took the support of Björn and am totally satisfied with him since a long time. My training goal is to maintain my current weight, prevent lower back pain and in general to strengthen and shapen my body. The training sessions are rich in variety and suit my individual needs. Along with the TRX and Powerplate we embedded some kickboxing. Training exercises I do not like (e.g. chin ups) are replaced by alternatives.  Moreover he has this huge knowledge about interactions within the body I still do not understand today. When I had knee pain we did some stretching of the thigh with the foam roller whereupon my knee pain vanished. I can highly recommend Björn. If had to judge him on a Personal Trainer platform he would make the best score

Thomas Heyder, Diploma in Engineering

I have been training with Björn since almost one year. The training sessions are fun and are designed upon my needs and markedly differentiate from the classical training (on my own). Björn responds to 100% to my personal needs and training goals. My personal goals were and still are weight loss and fitness improvement. Through the individual box training in connection with a healthier nutrition I am on the best way to achieve both. In great part I owe this to Björn and his professional consulting (nutrition+training). Thank you Björn!