Endurance training

The endurance training at Berlin Personal Training covers the following sports:

  • Fitnessboxing

         Boxing is a tremendous strength and conditioning workout. Learn the basics of boxing and            increase your overall fitness.Emphasis is put on learning the correct boxing stance and                  footwork as well as on offensive and defensive skills. Classic methods such as skip roping                and shadow boxing are used. Moreover different punching cominations are trained with the          pads. There is no risk of injury since the fitnessboxing does not cover sparring fights.   

  • Walking/Nordic Walking

    Soft endurance training with or without sticks. The advantage to casual running is in the reduced stress on the joints. Especially adequate for beginner and overweight people.

  • Swimming

         Swimming is a fantastic conditioning training as all muscles in the body are used. You have            the possibility to learn breast stroke, front and back crawl as well as dolphin stroke.

Here is a quick overview of some positive effects of endurance training:

  • Positive effect on the metabolism
  • Positive effect on the immune system
  • Weight loss
  • Stress relief
  • Increases the physical performance
  • Positive effect on recuperativness
  • Positive effect on high blood pressure