Welcome to Berlin Personal Training

You want to increase your performance, reduce weight or relief stress? You are looking for a way to prevent or decrease pain (e.g. lower back pain, knee pain etc.)? Then you are right with Berlin Personal Training.

I support you with my experience and my knowledge as a personal trainer to achieve your goals. Make your training as effective and efficient as possible with Berlin Personal Training.

In today’s time-consuming and stressful working society your own health is often neglected. On one side because of a lack of discipline, on the other side because of the lack of knowledge of an efficient training program. This physical inactivity leads to a reduced capability of physical performance und often to orthopedic problems like lower back pain and tightness in the neck and shoulder area. If  physical inactivity is accompanied by an unhealthy nutrition this can lead to internist problems such as diabetes or high blood pressure. If you make your time available for me I will show you a way to efficiently increase your sports performance and on the way to prevent or eliminate lower back pain, obesity or high blood pressure.

With Björn Sangmeister Berlin Personal Training you gain maximum benefit from your training with a minimal time effort! You decide if the training takes place at home, in the bureau or in the park!